01 July, 2024

Aquaheat Project Wins Gold Award

The Massey University Albany Innovation Complex has picked up a gold award at the NZ Commercial Project Awards.

Aquaheat NZ worked on the new Science Innovation Centre at the Massey University East Precinct Albany campus - it comprised a new four storey office, teaching and laboratory building. At level 1 are offices, lectures theatres, Sports Science laboratories and offices, Marine, Food and Physical Chemistry Laboratories. Also, at level 1 at the South end of the building is the service lane for goods in, waste removal and gas stores.

Level 2 has seminar spaces, office, shared teaching laboratories, Food Sciences and Enhanced Technology Spaces.

Level 3 offices, comprises PC1 Physical Chemistry Laboratories, PC2 Microbiology Laboratories.

The final level is 4 where the Animal laboratories are located and roof plantroom housing where all central plant for the building is located.

The heating and cooling systems for the building comprise a chiller, simultaneous heating and cooling heat pump and back up boilers on level 4 providing chilled and heating water via a pipework system to air handling units, four pipe fan coils units and VAV units. A small, dedicated chiller is provided for the specialist glycol cooling water system that serves the sports lab metabolic room.

Each level of laboratories from L1 to L4 has a dedicated air handler, associated VAV’s and spill fans for ventilation, air conditions and pressure regime control. Specialist fume cupboard, dangerous good cupboards, extract arm, vacuum pump and other miscellaneous fume extract ventilation systems are provided to the laboratories and ventilated to outside above the roof level.

The non-laboratory spaces are provided with AHU’s and associated VAV’s for outdoor air ventilation and FCU’s provide heating and cooling to circulation, office, and meeting room spaces.

Separate general and toilet ventilation systems are provided to amenity spaces.

Spaces such as boiler, sprinkler, MSB, Fume Fan and air handling plantrooms are provided with dedicated ventilation systems.

Supply and install of Laboratory Gas systems including compressed air plant, central vacuum plant and distribution systems including pipework, pipe accessories (valves, sensors, regulators, gas taps etc) and associated electrical & controls.

Supply and install of bench mounted chemistry vacuum pumps and pipework distribution and vacuum taps

Supply and install of freezer room monitoring system.

Supply and install of building management system (BMS) for mechanical services.

Some of the industry’s latest technology was used on the project, including giving the team instant access to the digital model information, introducing design coordination and clash avoidance, as well as using drone, total station and other technologies to improve the information management processes.

Going digital is a game changer and is transforming the construction business. The benefits of implementing digital construction and BIM process are huge. They not only increase project quality and productivity, but also reduce waste and administration overheads.

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